Some solutions to protect our health from environmental contaminants.

We can detoxify our bodies and interior spaces, improving our health

Healthy isolates

Eco food

Clean carpets and rugs

Alternative Items

Electrodomésticos y electrónica

Appliances and electronics

Agua sin tóxicos

Non-toxic water

Detergentes limpios

Clean detergents

Maderas sin tóxicos

Non-toxic woods

Alternativas a los pesticidas

Alternatives to pesticides

Electrodomésticos y electrónica

Ecological paints

Ropa sin tóxicos

Non-toxic clothing

Purificación del aire

Air purification

Suelos sanos

Healthy soils

Alternativas a los campos magnéticos

Alternatives to magnetic fields

Plásticos (reduciendo el problema)

Reduction of the use of plastics

Avoid contact with toxic substances such as…











Take care of your health by monitoring the substances that enter in contact with your body

Technification and industrial development is not always consistent with health.

Many of the products with which we live are not always healthy and we must pay attention to the adverse consequences that their use has. in our health.

Cuidado del planeta por HDH Institution
Alimentación sana- HDH Institution


Try to consume foods that are as natural and less processed as possible. In this way, we will be able to reduce the amount of hormones, additives, pesticide residues, raw materials from genetic manipulation, etc. that they can reach us.

All sorts of industrial pollutants, pesticide residues, additives, etc., reach our bodies through food, etc. Others can even come from the materials in which they are packaged or from the containers in which they are cooked.

Agua sin tóxicos

Non-toxic water

Various studies have shown that the drinking water that reaches homes may contain numerous contaminants that have not been eliminated by the purification processes or that may even have been contributed as a result of the treatments that the water deliberately receives. Other times they can come from substances present in pipes. An example of this is the presence of lead, more common in the past, but still existing in some cases.

    Aislamientos sanos

    Healthy isolates

    Many of the most widely used insulations today can cause problems with the emission of harmful substances.

    Instead of this type of insulation that can generate some toxic emissions, it is better to use others such as those made of cellulose fiber, or cork. Even so, when using cork, care must be taken that it is not covered with conflicting plastics (a natural varnish can be applied instead) and use natural adhesives such as lignin glue or the like to stick it. Mud, straw, wool, bio-cement, expanded clay… are other alternatives.

    Purificando el aire. HDH Institution

    Purifying the air

    Volatile organic compounds are a broad group of substances. Some of them are among the most problematic household air pollutants.

    It seems that certain plants (ivies, chrysanthemums, ficus, ribbon, lily…), as well as the microorganisms in the soil of the pots that contain them, can help capture some pollutants, such as some volatile organic compounds, from the environment home interior. Plants such as ferns would absorb some of the moisture in some rooms such as the bathroom. Cacti are credited with absorbing some of the radiation from televisions or computers.

    Precautions with magnetic fields

    Knowing the nature of the radiation that surrounds us and how it works will help us better protect ourselves from its harmful effects. This is especially important in spaces where people who may be more vulnerable live, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, or patients with some type of disease.


    Do not place electrical appliances on your bedside table. Do not put the mobile to charge next to your bed. Avoid spring mattresses and bed bases with ferromagnetic parts.


    No transportes el móvil en el bolsillo y, cuanDo not carry your mobile in your pocket and, when you speak, do so with your hands free, moving it away from your body, you are protecting yourself from its radiation. Connect Bluetooth or WiFi only when you need it. Make sure children do not use cell phones.

    Home appliances

    The washing machine, microwave, oven, boiler, induction cooker or ceramic hob should not be on the wall next to the head of your bed. Even when turned off, they emit radiation that passes through the wall.

    Avoid wireless technologies

    Wireless technologies, such as DECT cordless phones or Wi-Fi routers, saturate our environment with high-frequency radiation. Choose wired technologies, and turn to wireless technologies, always placing radiation sources away from places of high permanence.

    Avoid antennas and cables

    Before purchasing a new home or office, make sure there are no telecommunications or mobile phone antennas, high-voltage lines, power lines or urban transformers nearby.