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Center for Environmental Medicine and
Bio-technology for the Control and
Disease Prevention

Our environment is responsible for 13 million deaths annually

What is health and
environmental medicine?

Environmental health and medicine is a new scientific-technical discipline aimed at identifying the different risk factors present in our environment. Geophysical, physical, chemical and biological factors that converge inside the buildings in which we work and live.

Health or environmental medicine is a way of understanding that a large part of the diseases that we suffer today have their origin in our environment, and can be prevented if we take care of it.


The EU would save up to € 31 billion a year in healthcare by reducing exposure to endocrine disruptors.


The rate of couples seeking medical help for infertility problems increases more than 10% each year.


More than half of the adult population in the EU is overweight or obese.


Chemical product sales have increased 24-fold in the last 40 years.


One in 8 women in Europe will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.


The prevalence of autistic disorders is currently around 1 in 500.

Impact of the environment on living beings

Exposure to certain agents can negatively affect one or more organ systems, leading to a series of pathologies that include metabolic and endocrine dysfunctions that affect our central system.

In many cases, affected individuals and their doctors are not able to recognize these effects, which have their consequences in the short, medium and long term after exposure.

Seven points in our environment that affect us directly


Take care of air quality not only outdoors but also indoors to ensure the health and well-being of the occupants of the environment.


Encourage the consumption of clean and safe water through filtration media and other methods. Demand different kinds of quality for different kinds of uses.


Demand fresh and healthy food available, limit unhealthy ingredients, and encourage better eating habits and a culture of eating.


Provide lighting guidelines to minimize disruption of the body’s circadian system, improve productivity, and provide appropriate visual acuity.

Physical state

Enable the seamless integration of exercise and conditioning into daily life by providing physical characteristics and components that support an active and healthy lifestyle.


Set requirements to create a comfortable and productive distraction-free indoor environment.

Avoid extreme temperatures in hot and cold. Avoid distracting noises.


Demand design, technology, and treatment strategies to provide a physical environment that optimizes emotional and cognitive health.


    Having a home with clean air is especially important ”

    The importance of creating sustainable buildings and spaces

    To achieve clean air we have to pay special attention to the materials, both those of construction and those of other decorative or use elements.

    Cuidado del planeta por HDH Institution
    Cuidado del planeta por HDH Institution

    Combustion products

    Heating appliances, stoves, stoves, ovens, etc., and even tobacco smoke, can release various pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, formaldehyde, benzopyrene, and particulate matter (PM). Although cleaner fuels are being sought inside buildings, more than half of the world’s homes continue to use highly harmful fuels.

    Cuidado del planeta por HDH Institution

    Building materials and furniture

    The materials with which most buildings are built contain polluting elements that degrade and break down into smaller particles, capable of reaching the lungs. Some of them are fiberglass and asbestos. The same occurs with the materials used to manufacture furniture, which usually contain a multitude of toxins, such as formaldehyde (present in varnishes of plywood, panels, chipboards …), benzene (plastics, paints …) or toluene (solvents …).

      Most important risk factors and proposed solutions

      Keys to detoxify our bodies and spaces to improve our health

      Many of today’s diseases are caused by our environment “

      Audit for the control of environmental health

      Creating a healthy environment, with low exposure to EMF radiation, reducing exposure to chemicals and biotoxins or mold, reducing particles and allergens, as well as contaminant-free drinking water, is essential for a healthy and prosperous individual or family.

      Cuidado del planeta por HDH Institution

      Diagnosis of sick building syndrome

      Audit commercial buildings and workspaces, help build toxic-free homes and choose green and healthy building materials, giving great importance to rest areas and where there are children and the elderly or the sick.

      • Electromagnetic radiation
      • Pollution by dust particles.
      • Volatile organic compounds and chemicals.
      • Yeast, mold and microorganism contamination in suspension
      • Radiation such as radon gas
      • Water quality


      For an environmentally protected future, for a better life


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