Audit for environmental health control

Many of today’s diseases are caused by our environment”

Why carry out an audit for environmental health control?

Creating a healthy environment, with low exposure to EMF radiation, reduced exposure to chemicals and biotoxins/mold, reduced particulates and allergens, as well as contaminant-free drinking water, is essential for a healthy and prosperous individual or family.

There are many disease triggers that a Specialist Technician in Environmental Health and Indoor Environment Quality can help identify and offer practical solutions thanks to an audit of the space.

  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Pollution by dust particles.
  • Volatile organic compounds and chemicals.
  • Contamination by yeasts, molds and microorganisms in suspension
  • Radiation such as radon gas
  • Illumination
  • Water quality
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To diagnose sick building syndrome we must identify chemicals, mold problems, water contaminants, and sources of electromagnetic exposure and evaluate them for their ability to compromise health.

Audit commercial buildings and work spaces, help build toxic-free homes and choose green and healthy building materials, giving great importance to rest areas and where there are children and the elderly or sick.

Medición de campos electromagneticos. Auditoría para el control de la salud ambiental. HDH Institution

Measurement of magnetic fields

Our standard study carried out by highly qualified technicians includes:

  • Measurement of high frequency electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies and microwaves.
  • Analysis of the levels of low-frequency electromagnetic fields of power lines and wiring in the walls, ceiling and floor of each of the rooms, paying special attention to the rest areas.
  • Examination of sources of external contamination (Substations and power lines, mobile phone towers, WIMAX.
  • Quantification of the coupling of the corporal electromagnetic charge.
  • Through specific equipment we can measure the real impact that radiation, both high and low frequency, has on the body, in each of the rooms and especially in the bedrooms.
  • Checking the levels of “dirty electricity” (harmonics and parasitic currents in the electrical network)
  • Checking the temperature and relative humidity as factors that affect static electricity.
  • Detailed report of the values ​​and severity classifications of all electromagnetic readings.
  • Mitigation strategies and advice on the best EMC protection options.
Control de moho y humedades. Auditoría para el control de la salud ambiental. HDH Institution

Moisture and mold control

Mold often grows in unseen areas like inside walls, behind wallpaper, or even inside furniture. It can be caused by poor construction or water intrusion through leaky pipes and windows.

When mold grows in your home or workplace, it is also in the air. Mold spores can enter your lungs when inhaled and this can lead to health problems.

Bodily signs include fatigue, headaches, mood swings, rashes, digestive problems, joint aches and pains, and even forgetfulness and poor concentration. In addition to nasal congestion, throat irritation, cough, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation.

People with mold allergies can have more severe reactions, and those with weakened immune systems and people with chronic lung disease can get serious infections when exposed to them.

    Auditoría de calidad de aire interior y de tóxicos químicos. Auditoría para el control de la salud ambiental. HDH Institution

    Indoor air quality and toxic chemicals

    Indoor air quality is a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution, and pollutants are up to 100 times higher indoors.

    Not only should you be concerned about indoor air quality, but you should also understand common hazards that could put you at risk, such as radon, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, carbon monoxide, viruses and bacteria , among others.

    Assessing your indoor air is necessary to reveal the amount of pollutants you may be breathing in on a daily basis.
    We carry out an on-site evaluation of potential allergens and chemical toxins in your home.
    Covers, dust, bedding, cleaning and personal care products, as well as other potential allergens found in food, furniture and building materials are evaluated.
    This audit is perfect for people with respiratory or skin problems, asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergies in general and for all those affected by Central Sensitivity Syndrome.

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    Drinking Water Assessment

    A water quality check gives you peace of mind that you are drinking the best quality water available.

    Samples from any available water source are analyzed and the most suitable filtration is recommended. Household water for consumption and that used for bathing and showering can be assessed.

    The PH of the water will be analyzed, in addition to the REDOX potential, chlorine, conductivity, hardness, nitrates, complementing the real-time analysis with more detailed laboratory analysis.

    The evaluation includes:

    • Basic on-site water analysis.
    • Sampling for laboratory analysis.
    • Preparation of report with findings, associated health problems, recommendations.
    • Proposal for filtering and water purification.

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